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Are you thinking about installing a wind turbine at your location?

Great idea! Wind turbines are an awesome way to create clean energy on their own or provide supplemental power to an off-grid solar power system. But first, you need to find the optimal location to place the turbine. Thats where an anemometer comes in.

Site analysis is an essential step in sizing a renewable energy production system thats powered by a wind turbine. We offer a number of different wind meters to help you get the job done right. Have questions? Call one of our wind turbine sizing experts today at 877-878-4060.


More Info on Wind Meters (Anemometers)

It is important to be sure that you understand the actual wind speed at your location first. Invest in a quality anemometer to accurately measure and log the wind speed right at your location before planning the installation. Wind Turbines work best in locations where the average wind speed is 10 mph or greater.

When scouting a location for a wind turbine you must also keep mind the space requirements to optimally produce wind power. The turbine must be at least 30 feet above any obstructions to avoid any turbulence. Obstructions include trees, buildings and any aspects of the natural landscape where the turbine will be erected. In addition, there must not be any dwellings within a 100 foot circumference of the where the turbines pole is placed.

There are a number of types of anemometers to choose from to help with site evaluation for your renewable energy production project. When placing your anemometer, it is important to keep in mind things like tree height and other natural or manmade objects may impede wind flow and ultimately impact the ability to generate energy.

When placing your wind meter for site evaluation purposes ensure you are placing it as close to the site of where wind turbine will be located. Additionally, placing the device at the proper height will provide the most accurate reading for determining potential energy production possibilities.

Anemometers and Air Velocity Measurement


Anemometers are instruments that measure air speed or velocity. They can do so in a number of ways but the most common are in contained flow (e.g. measuring airflow in a shaft or duct) or in unconfined flows like the wind meters we sell at altE to measure wind conditions for sizing a wind turbine for energy production.