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Site analysis is an essential step is sizing and building a solar power system. Without first understanding the unique aspects of a given site it is very difficult to properly size and build a solar power system. Thorough site analysis will ensure the location of the solar array can provide enough photovoltaic power to cover all of your electric load needs.

Solar site analysis tools are a worthwhile investment when sizing a solar powered system, especially if the system is going to provide all of your power like in an off-grid application. Tools like the Solar Pathfinder or Daystar Digital Solar meter will allow you to correctly determine the seasonal amount of sun hours your location will provide to your PV array. Additionally, site analysis tools will help you identify and locate the optimal location for your solar array. And, just as important, site analysis tools will help you identify any potential shading of the array throughout the entire year.


More Info on Solar Site Analysis Tools

Solar site analysis is certainly a measure twice, cut once proposition. This is especially the case in remote locations where getting materials to the site can be time consuming and expensive. The last thing anybody would want to do is to design, build and install a solar power system that does not end up meeting the required electrical load requirements. We always suggest taking the time to properly asses the ability of your site to produce solar energy with a site analysis tool. It is worth the upfront investment of time to make sure your site will meet your needs.


The Solar Pathfinder is a must have site analysis tool for anyone who is keen to find the most optimal location for their solar array. This is a great tool for homeowners and installers alike and is an industry go-to tool for site analysis. The Solar Pathfinder can be purchased as a standalone device or can be purchased with a case and tripod.

What is included with the Solar Pathfinder with Case & Tripod?

  • Solar Pathfinder Sunpath Diagrams specific to southfacing latitude
  • Angle estimator to assist with determining site azimuth and altitude
  • White pen for marking Sunpath diagrams to determine possible shading of solar array
  • Solar Pathfinder manual (printed version)
  • Solar Pathfinder case large enough to fit everything included in kit, including tripod
  • Solar Pathfinder aluminum tripod

The Solar Pathfinder combines site-specific data, like shading for example, with the published solar radiation figures by NREL for USA. This ensures an accurate solar site analysis using established data and the unique attributes of the site where you are sizing the solar array. The solar Pathfinder requires no batteries or electrical inputs, which makes it a great tool for taking readings in remote locations. The tripod of the Solar Pathfinder is adjustable, so if you need to take a reading on a slanted roof, this tool has you covered.

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