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Solar Design and Installation Award winners announced

The Clean Energy Council has announced the  winners of the 2020 Solar Design and Installation Awards.

Winners were announced across the following categories:

  • 30-240 kW
  • Over 240 kW

The winners of the 2020 Solar Design and Installation Awards are:

30-240 kW

Matthew Linney and Jarrod Shepherd from Autonomous Energy for a ground-mount solar system on a building in the Sydney CBD that is designed to allow for plant growth throughout the array and underneath the panels.

Over 240 kW

Luke Butterworth, Marton Treuer, Alvin Lee, Tim Shield, Cameron Evans and Matthias Huchel from Epho for a 1.7MW rooftop solar installation using Epho’s Bright Thinkers Power Station technology, which allows the energy generated by the system to be consumed on-site or traded on the National Electricity Market.

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Kane Thornton, said that the 2020 winners set a stunning example of the innovative solutions being deployed in the commercial rooftop solar sector as more businesses look to reap the enormous benefits of solar.

“Whether it is the seamless integration of solar into a green roof or the deployment of new technology that could fundamentally change the commercial solar space, this year’s winners demonstrate the limitless possibilities as the solar industry continues to grow and mature,” Mr Thornton said.

“In years gone by, the designs and installations that we have seen in this year’s awards would have been considered too difficult or too expensive.

“However, as expertise has increased and prices have come down, designers and installers are coming up with increasingly innovative solutions that meet the more challenging requirements of some businesses. 

“As we can see from this year’s awards, this has resulted in some incredible installations.

“I would like to congratulate all the winners and the finalists in the 2020 Solar Design and Installation Awards, and I thank everyone who took the time to submit an entry for this year’s awards. 

“As always, I take great pride in the achievements of our industry and look forward to more groundbreaking installations in next year’s awards.”