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Safe to Install – PV (photovoltaic) safety first

Since AS5033:2014 starts to implement in Australia, the clause in this standard
gives inverter suppliers an opportunity to integrate a built in DC load break disconnector
on the inverter. By this way, additional load break disconnectors adjacent to inverters are
not requested in installations.
The standard of AS5033:2014 and AS4777.2:2020 (draft version) both clearly list the
requirements on the built in DC switch disconnectors such as shall be DC PV2 and
compliant with IEC60927.3 etc.


Koalabel embraces this new standard change and believes this change could obviously
decrease the safety hazards in solar systems such as the external breaker which is one
of main possible causes of serious damage to the entire solar system. To better fit the
new standard and reduce the installation time and cost, Koalabel gradually integrated the
compliant DC load break disconnectors to inverters. Currently Koalabel inverter models
XS, DNS, MS, SMT and EH are available with compliant DC switch disconnectors. All
customers can contact with Koalabel is authorised local wholesalers or Koalabel Australia
directly for collecting the Koalabel load break disconnector manufacturer declaration.
Additional to the built in DC load disconnector on the Koalabel SMT series, we now offer
a DC cover as part of the standard package as default. Koalabel believes the built-in DC
disconnector plus DC cover ensures the installation is neater and safer. Furthermore,
with just 40kg weight and compact design, the SMT series is easier to handle and install.
Featuring a maximum DC input voltage of 1100 V, wider MPPT range, and a start-up
voltage of 180 V, the SMT series guarantees an earlier power generation and a longer
operating time in order to maximize ROI to system’s owners.


Koalabel has always maintained a Safety First policy. Koalabel  inverter solutions are
efficient, easy to install, safe, and reliable, helping you achieve a faster return on
We believe in a sustainable future and we will keep supporting and enhancing
Australia’s future energy supply with reliable and efficient inverter solutions Daniel
Huang CEO
Koalabel is committed to providing high-quality and efficient solar solutions and making a
positive contribution to the renewable energy future in Australia and the world beyond.