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For installation of Australian Solar Photovoltaic System

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Our Traffolyte Engraving Labels' Features

Pitch high quality 3M sticky backing the workflow disrupt innovate experiential for solar PV installation.

3M sticker

All labels are Quality 3M adhensive sticky back

UV Stable

All traffolite labels has strong UV resistence

AS4777 Compliance

All engraved labels are meeting AS5033 standards

Clean Wording

All traff labels are having distinct letters.

How does it Work ?

Take a general order as an expample, all goes so visible.

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Describe material of engraving Labels

Traffolyte is a high pressure laminate suited to internal use.It has a hard durable melamine surface requiring minimal maintenance.Providing a cost effective and pratical solution for industraial labels and signage.It is ideally suited to the electrical industry,tallies,ID tages and key fobs. The material is non-flammable up to temperatures of 400℃ conforming to the AUS5033 BS EN 438-7:2005.

Material : paper and phenolic based thermosetting resin 2/3-ply
Finish: semi-gloss
Thickness: 1.3 to 1.5mm
Engraving depth: 0.2mm
Cutting method: saw
Sheet size: 1220X1220 mm, 1220X610mm


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Production takes about 3-5 days and delivery is within 5 days.

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We expect long-term business and keep stable pricing

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    Our engraving solar labels are strictly complied to the Australian standards AS4777 & AS5033.(following the SA Global Australian Standards for each state and Clean Energy Council Australia’s Guidelines)All traffolyte label kits are 24 months Quality guaranteed.

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