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Queensland Label Kits

Meets standard of Australian AS5033 and AS4777,specially for Solar  PV system installation.

queensland solar label
koalabel solar label
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About Kolabel

Our label is amazing, and for Queensland.

Manufacturing best solar labels for Queensland solar system is our main concern.


FOr Australian Photovoltaic solar system

Why Us ?

We supply the label kits for solar pv system over 10 years.We know well what is the requirement in Australia.

Time Saving

Production lead-time and shipment is super quick to meet your urgent need.We are your trusted and desired supplier.

Free Sample

Free Sample is available to check quality before you decide to work with us.More than 3 years warranty for non-color fading.

Quality Material

Labels are made of thicker ABS , UV stable 3M sticker.We guarantee that labels will last longer in harsh Australian surrounding.

Your happiness is our most happiness

Customer Reviews

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

...I love the labels. It literally saved me hours to gets urgent solar labels just acts as locally...
Melisa Dawshon
Retails Boss
...One the best solar labels for Queensland in the Australian market. Great label and supplier...
Melisa Dawshon
Solar Industry

Your desired local partner

Koala Label

We have partnered with many Australia local companies to deliver a long-term business relationship to for solar installation.

What is the difference ?

Quality is 100% guaranteed

Good products are made from advanced techque

Effective workflow

Adopted advanced CNC engraving facilities,we can cut down the cost for both you and us effectively.

machine to make solar label
koalabel Battery Label Kits

Intuitive wording

Due to advanced engraved machine,we make the labels very clean and easy to read.

What you would get?

Why our Labels

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About us

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  • Get free sample at first time

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  • Get free sample approval unlimited


  • Get sample free of charge without shipment fee

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