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For Installation of New South Wales Australia Solar PV System and electrical switchboard.

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What are the benefits of Koalabel?

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Professional team will make you success

Making best solar label for New South Wales is one of our mission, and we are here to make them prettier, clearer, and more endurer.

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Happy clients
all around

“What an amazing service! It was a fabulous experience for me and my clients all of that PV system installion at home. Thank you! it was great!”

Janney Victson,Sydney

“We are usually amend some tiny changes in labels for clients with special requipment, but Koalabel really is patient and willing to help us. I will definitely book orders again.”

Jennifer Williams,Albury

“I really needed to look twice at my artwork after installation. I didn't read the wording itself, but the clean surface and distinc letter impress me. What a good job! ”

Amanda Olivo,Armidale

“Our in-house solar shop, John, was gentle and loving. He took such care of our beloved client, Oscar. We recommend him and the service to everyone.”

Allyson Brooks, Bathurst

Professional, accurate,
and careful artwork

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