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Traffolyte Labels

traffolyte label machine

Traffolyte is a high pressure laminate suited to internal use.It has a hard durable melamine surface requiring minimal maintenance.Providing a cost effective and pratical solution for industraial labels and signage.It is ideally suited to the electrical industry,tallies,ID tages and key fobs. The material is non-flammable up to temperatures of 400℃ conforming to the AUS5033 BS EN 438-7:2005.

Material : paper and phenolic based thermosetting resin 2/3-ply
Finish: semi-gloss
Thickness: 1.3 to 1.5mm
Engraving depth: 0.2mm
Cutting method: saw
Sheet size: 1220X1220 mm, 1220X610mm

Interior and Safety signs
ID tags
Control Panels
Key Fobs
Food Industry
Rating Plates

Rotary material
Interior use


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