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Power panels can be an efficient and smart method of managing your renewable energy system. A power panel combines the inverter, electrical disconnects, over-current protection devices, grounding and power control components into a single enclosure. We currently offer wide variety of ETL certified power panels from Xantrex, Outback, Solectria and Midnite Solar. These power panels offer a code compliant configuration for your system components and can save you considerable time on your installation. The power panels consist of one or two inverters mounted upon a backing plate, and if you would like, one of the Solar Charge Controllers can be installed for an additional fee. Some power panel configurations can be customized. Please give us a call if you have something in particular in mind.


More Info on Inverter Power Panels

Power panels can be the heart at the center of your solar power system or wind power system management. By combining all of your power control components like power inverters and power control devices into one piece, you save space and make life simpler. Power panels can run anywhere from $400.00 to $6,000.00 depending on your needs and how much power you are generating and using. They can be configured for both grid tie in and grid independent systems and most companies employ a modular design to make using multiple power panels fairly simple. One of the greatest issues facing people who want to use renewable energy is ensuring that their wiring and power systems are up to code and these ETL certified systems make that problem a non-issue. If you are ready to install a solar electric power system or a wind electric power system, on grid or off, we have a power panel that will be right for your load and power capacity. Call us at Alt E and we’ll help you choose the right power distribution panel for your system.