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Gone with the wind!

solar and battery diagram

The growth of renewable energy is a promising sector in Australia, with the development of wind power looking to meet the need for a clean, sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy source. It is the fastest growing renewable energy source in many countries, with the expectation for it to continue to grow rapidly by 2030.

Across the country, South Australia is the biggest producer of wind energy with 17 wind farms in operation [1]. In 2019, for the first time, wind energy overtook hydro as Australia’s leading source of clean energy, supplying 35.4 per cent of the country’s clean energy and 9.5 per cent of Australia’s overall electricity [2].

Standards Australia are pleased to announce Australia’s participation in the international technical committee, IEC TC 88: Wind Energy Generation Systems. Australia’s participation in the technical committee means that the Australian wind industry will participate internationally, to ensure Australia has a voice and its unique conditions are accounted for.

The committee focuses on the standardisation of wind energy generation systems including wind turbines, wind power plants onshore and offshore, and interaction with the electrical systems to which energy is supplied.

The committee’s main focus is to address the below eight topics for the development of standards, with the purpose to provide a basis for design, quality assurance and technical aspects:

  • Site suitability
  • Resource assessment
  • Design requirements
  • Engineering integrity
  • Modelling requirements
  • Measurement techniques
  • Test procedures
  • Operation and maintenance

The wind energy sector is currently gearing up for the energy transition, with standards playing a key role in achieving standardised technology deployment.

As Australia has some of the best wind resources in the world [3], the objective is to create a mirror committee to adopt international standards suited to Australia’s industry and landscape.

With decarbonisation and renewable energy development at the forefront of the global energy policy, Australia’s mirror committee and international committee participation will directly benefit the current market needs and provide opportunities for the further development and uptake of wind as a renewable energy source.