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Our altE inverter cables are carefully manufactured with wire that’s UL listed and has the appropriate NEC designations made for home use, unlike welding cable. The cable’s fine copper strands allow easier bending of the inverter cables as you connect them to your battery bank. The special conductive sealant that we put in each lug reduces the chances that humidity and acid spray corrode the copper connections. We use a specially designed machine to crimp each lug so that it exceeds UL pullout tests for cables.



Not sure what size inverter cable to use between your inverter and your battery bank or DC disconnect center?

Wiring Your Solar Power System

Check out the video above to learn more about wiring your solar power system. It covers all the basics including battery to inverter cable connections. Then you are ready to use our wire and cable sizing calculatorto help you size the battery to inverter cables.

Still have questions about battery to inverter cables for your solar power system? Give an altE solar expert a call today at 877-878-4060.