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Solar battery backup means you will have power when the grid is both up and down. All you need to do is create your own energy with the sun and store it in a solar deep cycle battery. This can be especially useful if you are in an area that has an unreliable grid, or is susceptible to severe weather. Browse our selection of battery backup options below to learn more.

Do you have questions about solar systems with battery backup, or are you interested in retrofitting your existing grid-tied solar system? Give an altE solar expert a call today at 877-878-4060 and make sure you are prepared for grid uncertainty.



More Info on Charge Controllers


If you’re going solar with a grid-tied solar system, it’s worth considering battery backup as well. Grid-tied systems are often the easiest and most cost-efficient type of solar system to install. Their main drawback is that when the grid goes down, UL requirements mean grid-tie systems shut down immediately as well. This way your system isn’t sending electricity to the grid, and potentially endangering lineworkers, during the outage.

How Do You Add Batteries to a Grid-Tied Solar System?

Our video about adding batteries to an existing grid-tied solar system will answer all of your questions about storing your own energy for when the grid is down. Watch to learn more!

Generally, battery backup doesn’t mean powering your entire house. Rather you will identify a few “critical loads” (refrigerator, well pump, select lights, outlet for charging devices, etc.) you want to run in a power outage. Battery backup allows you to have all of the benefits of a grid-tied solar system, and to have power during a grid outage.

The first step is determine your power needs. Check out our grid-tied solar calculator to get started.

We have a variety of system options to meet your household needs, so you are sure to find a grid-tied system with battery backup for you. What’s in a solar power system kit with battery backup? See our high level list below or browse the products above to learn more!

  • Solar panels
  • Solar panel racking
  • Charge controller
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Inverter / charger
  • Balance of system components
  • Required schematics


Do you already have a grid-tied solar system and are looking to add battery back up? Great! We have you covered. Similar to installing a new grid-tied solar system with battery backup, the first step in getting started is to determine your list of critical loads that you’ll want to power during an outage. Check out our calculator to get started on your critical load list.

The new major components you will need in order to add battery backup to an existing grid-tied system—also known as AC Coupling—are a pre-wired AC coupled system and a battery bank. We also offer DC coupled systems depending on your needs.

Video: Retrofit a Solar System with Battery Backup

Watch our video on how to retrofit an existing grid-tied solar system with battery backup using AC Coupling. We’ll cover the basics of how retrofitting a grid-tied solar system works and the additional components you will need to make it happen. Check it out to learn more!


We offer a number of kits that are perfect for emergency readiness. We’ve assembled a range of options to meet your emergency needs. Friendly reminder from your friends at altE: The key to utilizing these kits is to have them BEFORE an emergency. So don’t delay—order your kit today and have basic power in an emergency.

You will find easy-to-assemble emergency prep kits, lighting and device charging kits, and full powerpacks that can power larger household appliances. Check out our emergency kits above, and get prepared today!