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koalabel solar house

Australia is in the midst of an energy transformation with crucial decisions to be made for the future of our energy system. This section explores the latest issues related to building the role of renewable energy in Australia.



The distributed energy resources revolution

The rapid uptake of distributed energy resources (DER) poses technical challenges for the grid, including limited visibility of DER generation and maintaining voltage within operating parameters. There are also challenges related to issues of access and equity.

The unprecedented scale of change demands that we develop and implement new decentralised markets and a fundamentally different system architecture. This future should support and enable DER monetisation, system optimisation and system balance.

Find out more about the enormous potential of distributed energy resources in Australia.


Building intelligence into customer energy, distribution networks and the markets that link them

To enable high penetration of solar and storage on the distribution network we need more intelligent systems in the home and on the network. We also need more sophisticated markets to enable customers to buy and sell energy to the network or to each other.