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Antaisolar’s solar racking selected for 50MW distributed solar plants

Recently, China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) released a new policy that required its provincial offices to nominate counties where a trial program to push blanket rooftop solar can be carried out, in order to advance small-scale PV in the nation.

According to new NEA policy, the state entity wants selected counties to have at least 20 per cent of all residential roofs equipped with solar energy, as well as at least 30 per cent of commercial and industrial structures; 40 per cent of non-governmental public buildings, such as hospitals and schools; and half of the roofs on the national estate.

The new policy has helped unleash a wave of distributed solar in the domestic market. Antaisolar participated in the Distributed PV Seminar to share the case study of its 50MW distributed solar plants in Singapore, which acted as a case study for mandated solar on roofs in pilot countries under NEA policy.

The project encompassed three tenders, which covered 300-plus HDB blocks with a total capacity of 50MW when completed.

Confronted with 300-plus diversified rooftops and strict design requirements, such as reserved passageway, non-destruction of roofs and certification by a third-party design agency, the project required significant expertise to conduct on-site survey and design for the solar racking suppliers.

Antaisolar finally provided only five solar racking design templates for all 300-plus different rooftops based on the company’s strong design capabilities and rich experience for distributed solar plants.

Upon completion, the distributed solar plants have the equivalent powering capacity of 12,500 four-room homes, and are estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 30,000 tonnes per year.

The installation of distributed solar plants is a complicated process and usually requires lots of involvement from the government. Solar racking is the most complex and critical part of the entire implementation process. It plays an important role in reducing the difficulty of construction and providing key calculation data for investors, EPCs, and design institutes.

Under its plan for achieving carbon-neutral across the world, Antaisolar will focus on its brand positioning, leading the world in PV mounting systems. Antaisolar strives to provide efficient and innovative solar racking solutions for global clients as part of its efforts to develop greener and more sustainable towns, while reducing its carbon footprint.