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SOLAR DC LABEL KITS New Zealand Label Kits

SOLAR DC LABEL KITS New Zealand label kits

Koalabel’s customers will soon start to notice some changes to our SOLAR DC LABEL KITS New Zealand label kits. We have recently updated these so that they conform with both the existing AS5033 and AS4777 standards, as well as the new draft versions of these standards that are expected to be adopted later this year. The most significant change is in the colouring of the labels, with general information labels specified as black lettering on white background, safety related signs now required to have black lettering on a yellow background, and signs for emergency services to have white lettering on red background.

The draft AS4777 standard also clarifies what labels should be installed when solar systems are connected to a sub-board, so we have designed an additional label kit to use in these situations.

These new label kits and compatible sub-board label kits are available now.



2 x Shutdown Procedure
2 x Inverter Location
4 x PV ARRAY D.C. Isolator

1 x Normal Main Switch Supply
1 x Solar Main Switch Supply
2 x Dual Supply
2 x Solar ARRAY on Roof

2 x PV Array D.C. Isolators Do not De-energize
2 x Warning Multiple DC Sources
3 x Warning Hazarous D.C. Voltage

1 x Warning This premise contains
2 x PV Green Reflective Fire Sign

Total : 24pcs/Set


For more information or to order these new switchboard label kits please send us E-mail.